1. whovian-all-over:


    And here we can see the Blogger in her natural habitat.


    The blogger is a shy, docile creature…


    … that prefers the darkness…


    … and tends to be wary of the outside world.


    The Blogger rarely sleeps, and when it does, it does so in seemingly random places.image

    We have attempted to understand the dietary habits of the Blogger…


    … but to no avail.


    I am so glad this is back

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  2. I’m sitting on the floor of my closet wearing nothing but a towel, and casually sipping sparkling grape juice. I don’t even care anymore.

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    today my coworker just casually stated that she is a huge fan of this british tv show called sherlock and asked me if i know anything about it and i just..

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  6. alt-j:


Wow. Such patronus

it’s 2014 we really don’t need this



    Wow. Such patronus

    it’s 2014 we really don’t need this

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  7. lettheskyfalldown asked: Just so you know, I didn't pay attention to that last post I commented on.


    I see

    Good to know, huh. I don’t understand how this stuff works.

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  9. It is illegal to defame all men for the actions of a few, under Canada’s Hate Propaganda laws.

    I encourage you to think deeply about what type of feminists you want to be, if you think it’s okay to demonize half the population by casting aspersions and suspicion on their gender and heterosexuality.

    It is ILLEGAL to post up such posters.


    It is vicious and dehumanizing to imply that all males are potential rapists, and also illegal similarly as it is to imply that all black males are potential drug dealers or gang members, or all jews are secretly doing whatever you think they do, or that all homosexuals are deviants or all atheists are whatever.

    Insert any group into such a poster, with a “Don’t be one of THOSE”….and you’ll quickly see how sexist these posters are.

    Jessica Thomlin (Feminist) @ HuffPo, on the “Don’t be That Guy” campaign.


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